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On your own blog, pose a question like one of the following [from ESL Partyland]:
Can you do anything creative? For example, can you sing, dance, play a musical instrument, paint, draw, or write poetry?
Name three things you may not do in your language class.
What could the opposite sex do to make your life easier?
Should gay/lesbian couples be allowed to adopt children? Why or why not?
Should marijuana be legalized? Why or why not?
In your country, what might happen to someone who loses their job?
What are some things you should have done last week, but didn't do?
What must you do in your country to obtain a driver's license?
What could you do to make your life more exciting? Why don't you do it?
Name two things that you couldn't do last year that you can do this year.
How would your parents punish you when you misbehaved as a child?
What could you be doing right now (instead of studying English)?
What more could you be doing to practice your English?
How would you recommend treating a cold?

Then, visit a classmate's blog and respond to their question in the comments space.
For a minimum grade (70), pose your question and answer at least three others by 10:30 am, Friday, 21 March.
To get more, do more (5 pts for each additional response you make to other classmates - up to 6 for 30 more pts).

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