Love in the Supermarket

Complete this story please:
_______ and _______ met in the ________ supermarket next to the laundry detergent, where he asked her if she needed any help. By the vegetables, he told her that he was falling in love with her...

Don't forget, when you report things that happened and what people have said, you must take care to move the verbs back one tense (unless they are already in the past perfect); mark time expressions correctly; switch pronouns to reflect the person speaking and the person(s) spoken to, and also be careful with the reporting verb you're using - check if it's like SAY or TELL. Remember reporting verbs like SAY require a preposition between the verb and the object if they have an object (examples: ...said to me..., ...discussed with me...) and verbs like TELL do not need a preposition but do require an object (examples: ...told me..., ...advised me...). Of course, SAY or TELL may be followed by a clause (...said that I was kind. / ...told me (that) I was kind.), but that's a topic for another lesson.

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